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About company


We welcome you to our web-site.

A-Parts Co LTD is an international company with more than sexennial experience at supplies of huge amount of IT-Industry outputs from the countries of Asian-Pacific geographic areas.

Everything broke out in 2005 in Germany, when suppliers of head-end equipment and logistic company made up their mind to work together. It’s an open secret that the largest international manufacturers place their facilities on Southeast Asia lands. And the second placement of sale for the export of consumer goods strongly takes up China. That’s exactly why the head office of combined company was located in Hong Kong, the commercial and economic capital of Asia. 

For some years our company came with a great success to European IT-Market. We have managed to get partnership with the largest producers, suppliers and international shipping forwarders on the right track.

In 2011 we made a decision to enter Russian IT-Market.

Your cooperation with us produces a unique output generation of the QUALITY of famous blue-chip companies, European safety,  high-level consumer services and price policy of Asian manufacturers.